About us Dear readers Welcome to the Basilides Publishing House In 1993 the two specialist journals Stroy + Systema - (Construct with System) and Derevoobrabotka Mire - (world of woodworking) were published for the first time. The idea of both journals was the transfer of technically qualified information of German technology and engineering technology to the Russian-speaking world. We found a lot of support from the ranks of our western industrial companies. But also a very big interest in our Russian-speaking readers. We would like to sincerely thank both our former discussion and interview partners and our readers for this loyalty and solidarity. The journal Stroy Systema (Construction with System) published innovative technical solutions in civil engineering and architecture. The journal Derevoobrabotka w Mire - (world of woodworking) was dedicated to the mechanical engineering of the woodworking industry. In 2007, the media agency Müller of the Dr.Harnisch publishing house in Nuremberg took over the further distribution and the editorial design of the magazines. In 2010, the publishing rights finally went to the Basilides publishing house. From this point on, our publishing house took care of the journals under the editorial guidance of journalist Ekaterina Gutner (formerly Müller) of the real soul and initiator of the journals. Both magazines appeared until 2010 as print media in Russian language and writing. From 2011, both journals were switched to pure Internet editions. This step became necessary, firstly because of the ever-changing media landscape, which opened up more and more to the Internet, and secondly because of the associated financial problems, which made it increasingly difficult for small publishers to survive on the market. The predominantly ad-supported print media were simply no longer profitable. Added to this was the very precarious political situation that resulted from the annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the resulting crisis. Neither German politicians nor the rest of the European Union were able to resolve the conflict diplomatically. To date, relations with Russia are frozen. The cold war seemed long over, but our Eurocrats have managed to usher in a new chapter of the Ice Age between East and West. At times, the political situation has become significantly worse due to the war in Ukraine, so that relations between Russia and the West are more or less on ice. The conditions are conceivably bad for exporting Russian-language specialist magazines to the Russian-speaking world. For this reason, we have in the meantime completely stopped publishing our Russian-language journals. A poisoned political climate is hardly the breeding ground on which economy can thrive. Accordingly, today we orient ourselves to other tasks. How these look and are designed, is our Internet portal information. In the meantime, we strive for a peaceful balance between the hardened fronts. We therefore appeal to all our faithful readers to join us in undeterred pursuit of the peaceful path back to European-Russian normality. At any rate, we continue to see ourselves as an instrument of communication between East and West, not least through our translation agency, with which we reach many people who are at home in both cultures. In the meantime, we will do our job. And that's something we'll always come up with again and again. Let yourself be surprised. It is worthwhile to visit us regularly.
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