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Reviews About the book of Wolfgang Hermann Moissl HEREAFTER AND CONSCIOUSNESS WHAT ANSWERS DO RELIGION, PHILOSOPHY AND NEAR-DEATH-EXPERIENCE PROVIDE US WITH? The english edition is now available
Top reviews from Germany Translated by Amazon R.H. 5.0 out of 5 stars A very successful book Reviewed in Germany on 15 June 2017 Verified Purchase There are many books on near-death experiences (NDE) and one wonders whether there is still a need for a book after the books of Sartory, Sabom, van Lommel and Long. The answer is that this book is the perfect complement. If the other books are about evaluating the data and discussing whether NDEs actually allow a look over there, this question is only addressed in the book. The author is about something else. Starting from his own experience, which is again an example of how diverse and yet equal these experiences are and which confronts him with a being of light and the choice “if you want it, you have survived it now”, the author subsequently assumes that a non-material existence is certainty. The question is to what extent philosophy and religion provide information about the last things and this is contrasted with the aspects of the near-death experience that the author still remembers, who proves a profound knowledge of Far Eastern and Western philosophy. It was surprising to me that Plato and Plotine have come surprisingly close to the beyond with their teaching of ideas and the One in many. Religions only teach partial aspects of this divine reality. The book makes another trip to quantum physics and cosmology, and the author describes the aspects of soul and God as he experienced it. Those who are not a dogmatic supporter of ideology or religion, but open to the aspects of a truth that can be guessed here, will read the book with great profit. However, Thornton Wilder had already met the quintessence of the book, because it is important that the bridge between the land of the living and the afterlife is only love. Translated from German by Amazon gipsy 5.0 out of 5 stars This is the best book about near-death experiences and their classification Review from Germany from June 14, 2022 Verified purchase I have read almost all the books on NDEs that exist in the world. But this book goes far beyond that. It looks for and finds explanations in the world religions, which have actually always reported on it. Highly recommended! Aurore 5.0 out of 5 stars A work that has not yet existed Reviewed in Germany on 1 December 2015 Verified Purchase There is a wealth of books on the subject of near-death experience, but they all go either towards medicine, esotericism or purely personal near-death descriptions (you can believe them or not). This book, on the other hand, provides a scientific-philosophical examination of existence, consciousness and beyond against the background of near-death experience. Thus, it is recommended not only for those who deal with this phenomenon themselves, but also for those who are looking for philosophical answers and question the principles of faith. Those who are interested not only in near-death experience, but also in philosophy, should definitely read this book. Translated from German by Amazon Amazon Kunde 4.0 out of 5 stars Near Death Experience, Beyond, Being and Consciousness in Philosophical and Religious Questions Reviewed in Germany on 15 March 2016 Verified Purchase This book is not really about near-death experience, but about religious and philosophical questions about the beyond, about our consciousness and our existence. The author apparently had and describes a near-death experience himself, but it seems to him not to be about the phenomenon itself, but about how the near-death experience changed his relationship to religion and to this world. I mean many books on near-death experiences seem to be written either by people describing their own experience or by authors who scientifically deal with the phenomenon and ask the question of authenticity. One is often confronted with a wealth of examples to prove that the near-death experience really has something to do with the beyond and that the soul is outside the body. Such books are more common. What is missing, however, are authors who had a near-death experience and ask what consequences this experience has for their or our lives. What insights can be drawn from this? Religions can also influence our cultural life. But if we could all travel to the beyond without any problems, perhaps we would know more about the truth of life and would realize how truthful the statements of religions are. The author tries to give these answers with his book. He finds insights that are not necessarily surprising, because the suspicion that our religions cannot always provide us with the truth/answers is not new. For the first time, however, these findings come from someone who was on the other side of existence and saw things that you normally cannot see. Apparently, it was like a revelation to the author. The author calls things by name and so some dogmas get along or even tries to invalidate them. In the afterlife there seems to be somewhat different for him, especially the view of our earthly existence. Interesting and different, that's where I give four stars. Tip: If you want to learn more about the near-death experience, you should buy other books. But those who are interested in life's questions seem to be interested in an interesting publication here. Translated from the German by Amazon